The  F3O board currently consists of:

Peter den Nijs,  Wareco Ingenieurs

Secretary: Maarten Profittlich, Fugro GeoServices

Treasurer: Bas Hebing, Mos Grondmechanica

Secretary, Technical matters:
René Klaassen, SHR Wageningen

Board meetings take place about four times each year. There are six main Board activities, viz.
· Organizing the Nationale Houten Heipalendag [Wooden Pile Meeting] each year,
· Organizing the annual members’ excursion,
· Organizing the annual course in the month of December,
· Publishing the two News Flashes, in June and December,
· Organizing the annual members’ meeting,
· Reacting to developments in the field.
Under the last heading we comprise keeping the F3O Directives up to date and if necessary, drafting additional ones. We also take part in drafting Directives, norms, handbooks, etc. within the field of concern of our Society.
Minutes of annual meeting
Annual report