The annual F3O foundation congress developed from the Nationale Houten Heipalendag [Wooden Pile Meeting]. Although the first meetings were not held under the auspices of F3O, the organisation F3O was founded because of discussions during earlier meetings. From 2011 onwards, the Nationale Houten Heipalendagen were organized by F3O. The schedules of all such meetings organized in the past can be found here. They contain a wealth of information on various matters directly or indirectly connected to wooden pile foundations.

Subjects for the next meeting can be submitted before November, through e-mail state your title and summary to 10 lines, maximum. Short (5 minutes) presentations are meant to keep everyone informed about new developments. There are also longer presentations dealing with a project that is presented. The main subject should be foundations on piles or on firm strata; however, subjects connected indirectly to the quality and use of foundations will usually be welcomed, too.