The excursion are in the summer and the date and location will be announced on the website.

2014 Sint Janskerk, Gouda
Presentatie [Presentation]

2013 De Waag,Amsterdam

Presentatie van Strackee [Strackee Presentation]

2012 Onze Lieve vrouwe kerk, Kampen [Our Lady’s Church]
Presentatie van Techniek en Methode [Technology and methods Presentation]
Presentatie van Constructiebureau De Prouw [De Prouw Presentation]
Presentatie van Fugro [Fugro Presentation]

Verslag excursie 2012, Onze Lieve vrouwe kerkin Kampen
[Report about the excursion to Our Lady’s Church]

2011 Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam
Verslag excursie 2011, Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam [Report about excursion to the Naval Museum, Amsterdam]
2015 Vijzelgracht, Amsterdam
Main topic on the excursion was “special foundation reparation techniques”

Summary of the excursion
Pictures summary